Sustainability is the root of our company. This company was founded on the principles of Permaculture. We want to leave behind a legacy. We want to show other companies that plant based products can be made in a long lasting way and you know what else? We can sleep at night. Unless it’s summer time because we don’t use air conditioning! 😉 But Seriously though, enough with the greenwashing and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), let’s get real and make an impact together. Let’s make the world a better greener place. Let’s replace plastic where we can and lets use modern technology to breath new life into “old world” materials like linen and canvas. Bast fibers are regenerative and we believe they are the key to a real sustainable future.

Triple bottom line.

Planet – People – Profit. If it’s good for the planet we will do it. If we can pay workers living wages we will do it. If it’s profitable we can afford to do it! We believe that plant based products are ethical. We believe that they are necessary.

Let’s work together

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