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Have you realized that many of the straps you use are made from Polyester? Is that sustainable? Is it even needed? No! We have made guitar straps that are more comfortable and durable than the plastic ones! Vegan friendly guitar straps too! We even make yoga mats, yoga straps, yoga bags, camera straps, if you need webbing, which is woven fabric tape, to carry an item for you we have you covered!

Become an Eco artist today.

Why would I want an item made from bast fiber? Firstly it gets very soft as it is used. It also grips the body without discomfort. You want your instrument to stay in the position you set it in.

  • Lots of uses
  • Different materials
  • Webbing widths 10-40 mm (up to 75mm)
  • Colors available

Many types of straps

  • Instrument
  • exercise
  • cameras

You will love it

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