Webbing goes by many names, woven tape, belting, strapping, trim and so on. The main goal here is natural webbing can and should replace polyester and synthetic webbing. We do believe there is a place for synthetic and that is seat belts in cars etc. However, natural webbing is very useful and can be used in your projects for things like, belts, bag handles, straps of all kinds and more

Why natural webbing?

Natural webbing is strong, durable and with care can last a long time. Just because it is so strong doesn’t mean that it isn’t soft though! Don’t you hate when a synthetic strap digs into your neck? Natural webbing can be dyed any color as well. Webbing comes in many different widths and woven patterns typically for pet products we use 20/25/30 mm, for yoga projects and martingale collars for greyhounds we use 40mm webbing and lastly for guitar straps we use 50mm webbing.

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