Hemp is one of the oldest cultivated plants used for fiber. Here at Natural Materials Unlimited we are hyper excited to be using such a sustainable plant that regenerates the land. Hemp is draught resistant and can grow many meters tall. The hemp fiber industry is still in the infancy stage but growing year by year. There are many countries involved in this traditional cultivation including: France, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Slovenia, Lithuania, Romania, Hungary among others. Also you can’t smoke hemp fibers!

why hemp?

Hemp can be turned into so many useful things just from one crop. When you grow hemp for fiber you grow them very closely together. This makes it very difficult for other plants to compete with it. This makes the hemp compete for light with each other. The stalks are very tall reaching as high as 5 meters (16ft). The fiber comes from just underneath the bark of the stalk. The center portion, which is very “woody” is call hurd or shives, this is used for making animal bedding and a wonderful biobased concrete called “Hempcrete”. Ask yourself where the word “canvas” comes from.

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